Passenger Pigeon

"The Self Titled Album" out

everywhere October 3rd!



Some funky performances



Funky Flock Folk

Passenger Pigeon is a funk rock band from Columbia, South Carolina.  They're Kenny Bryan, Reed Windham, Chris Aimone, and James McConnell.  Kenny Bryan currently is the singer and bassist of Passenger Pigeon and has previously been the bassist for Walk with Porpoise.  Reed Windham plays the role of guitarist in the band, has previously been the bassist for Sangfroid, and acts as a solo artist "Indeedes." He loves alternate time.  James McConnell is the drummer with occasional visits on guitar, and has been the guitarist for various musical acts in his time.  Chris Aimone is a talented drummer, as well as a brilliant actor.  All members are talented multi-instrumentalists and songwriters.

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